for every bite.

Jently, a revolutionary night guard brand, unveils a soft embrace of dentist-qualit protection
for those grappling with bruxism. Delve into a world where comfort meets resilience, and
sleep becomes a sanctuary guarded by innovation. Say goodbye to the ordinary and
embrace the extraordinary with Jently—the night guard that transforms bedtime
into a blissful, worry-free experience filled with dreams.

The Ask

Cast a radiant glow on nightly routines.
Jently's night guard, a pinnacle of
serenity for nocturnal comfort

The Challenge

In the dynamic landscape of B2C, Jently,
a nascent night guard brand, is on a quest
to establish itself as the go-to, trusted
sanctuary for nocturnal relief.

The Work:

Cristian Gonzalez

Rebecca Chen

Art Direction & Design:

Kelechi Nwankwoala