Bird Dog
Run Club

Culinary Maestro and Trailblazer: Crafting Connections through Hood-to-Coast

Embark on a culinary journey with the visionary Chef and Owner of two revered restaurants
in the heart of Portland, OR. Together with a passionate and dedicated team, we are set to
weave a tapestry of unity among fellow runners at the yearly Hood-to-Coast event. But,
before our feet hit the pavement, our collective mission is to raise funds that echo
beyond the kitchen—to support the groundbreaking work of the Providence
Cancer Research Center. Join us as we blend the flavors of gastronomy
with the rhythm of the run, creating a harmonious symphony of
purpose and passion.

The Objective:

Igniting Hearts,
One Stride at a Time.

The Challenge:

The Bird Dogs run in the shadows.
Their mission remains a well-kept
secret, waiting to be unveiled.

The Work:

Cristian Gonzalez 

Art Direction & Design:
Aidan Coulson
Elizabeth DeRocher 

Mari Dika
Riane Colquhoun